Ready & Eager to offer our Hospitality

As from the 1st of July 2020 The Atrium Zenon reopened and we are delighted to inform you that all the precautionary measures we have taken have proved to be successful as none of our hotel staff, guests nor other associates were found to be infected of Covid-19.

We assure you that we shall continue to give our complete attention to health safety procedures and we shall follow all the recommendations of our Government, the protocols advised by the Ministry of Health and the directives of the Sub Ministry of Tourism, as these may change from time to time.

  • Staff Awareness.

All our staff were recently trained to understand how Covid-19 can infect people and what action to take to protect themselves and the hotel environment. Staff are aware that they must strictly comply with all the protective measures which include, temperature control when arriving on duty, minimum guest contact, hand hygiene, disinfection, wearing of masks where appropriate and physical distancing.

  • Check-In

Upon arrival our receptionists will receive guests for check-in, one room at a time. Registration forms will only require a signature. Guests will be allocated rooms which were minimum 12 hours empty. Upon check-in guests will receive a disinfected package which will contain the room key and remote controls for the TV and air condition. Guests are encouraged to keep their room key on their possession until check out.

  • Hand Sanitizers.

Dispensers for sanitizing hands are available for guests, visitors and staff at the hotel entrance, outside the elevators on all floors, public toilets, pool entrance and staff entrance. It is mandatory for guests and staff to use the hand sanitizers when entering the hotel.

  • Physical Distancing

All guests and staff should practice social distancing by standing 2 meters away from other persons. The reception area has markings to assist physical distancing.

  • Elevators

The use of elevators is restricted to 1 person, if travelling alone or up to 4 persons if staying in the same room. Please use minimum contact when touching the lift buttons.

  • Daily Cleaning and Disinfection

All public areas, elevators and public toilets are disinfected daily at regular intervals, as per protocol, especially high-use items, such as door handles, elevator buttons and hand rails, with approved cleaning and virucidal disinfecting materials.

All bedrooms are cleaned and disinfected according to protocol with special attention to high use items such light switches, door handles etc. The maids wear a mask during cleaning.

The cleaning of rooms will only take place when guests are out of the room.

  • Breakfast

English Breakfast is available from 07.30 until 10.00 hrs. and is served a la carte.

  • Use of the rooftop swimming pool

Please observe the rules and regulations advertised at the entrance of the pool.

The use of umbrella and sunbeds around the pool is arranged according to protocol to meet physical distancing and hygiene regulations. Umbrellas are 4 meters apart and sunbeds 2 meters. Guests must use their own towels only and avoid relocating beds and umbrellas. It is mandatory to shower and use foot bath before entering the pool and after using the toilet.

The pool bar and restaurant are open. It is not permitted to sit on the bar counter.

  • Covid-19 suspected

If any guest develops any symptoms of Covid-19, such as high temperature, coughing and fatigue, and their companions should inform reception and self isolate in their room. The hotel Covid-19 committee will contact the health authorities who will come and test and advise accordingly. In case of positive results the guests will be transferred to the nearest quarantine facility, a hotel in Larnaca. The government covers the cost of the hotel quarantine only.

  • Flight Pass

The present government regulations require that you obtain a “Cyprus Flight Pass” before you travel. This can be accessed and filled in electronically on the website

  • Travel Safe, Stay Safe, Return Safe.

We believe the above information will enable you to feel safer and more relaxed regarding your trip and stay in our hotel. If you require any specific information or any other assistance please contact us at .


We are ready and eager to offer our hospitalityand we look forward to welcoming you soon.